Inspired by a desire to create a Christ-centered, loving and nurturing school for their own children, the Umaña sisters established Umaña Academy in 2005, determined to create an environment where every child would be loved, accepted and celebrated for who they are.


Umaña Academy is a place where children are cared for, respected, and given incredible opportunities to learn, to grow and to develop into who God has created them to be. Our goal is to develop in your child a love for learning and to foster their never-ending curiosity. We encourage your child to reach their full potential by continually encouraging them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.


After ten years, all three sisters actively serve at the Academy, dedicating themselves to making sure their vision of a Christian Academic & Fine Art education continues for each new group of children. They have been blessed to see six of their nine children graduate through the program and are thankful for the blessing the school has been to their own children and families’ lives. They remain dedicated in the ministry the Lord has given them as they continue to serve the community in providing a Christian Academic & Fine Art Education.


Umana Academy
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CHRISTIAN FOCUS: The Bible says, “Train up a child day and night and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” At Umaña Academy we feel that feeding children the Word of God at an early age is an essential part of their spiritual growth. Knowing and sensing God in their lives does not have to come later in life, but God can reveal His presence to them through worship, Bible story time and through Christian leadership & mentorship.


FINE ART EMPHASIS: We feel that each child has different God-given talents and abilities. By exposing them to the fine arts, our purpose is to discover and cultivate these talents. Umaña Academy emphasizes Foreign Language, Music, Art & Social Skills.


SMALL CLASS SIZES: To promote individualized attention we have chosen to maintain a maximum class size of 15 students in core academic classes. We are determined to ensure each child is growing academically, emotionally, socially & spiritually in a small group environment.


STRONG ACADEMICS: We believe that children are bright natural learners who desire to know about the world around them. Our desire is to foster an environment where each child is encouraged, motivated and challenged to excel and reach their potential.