In 2005, with only a vision in their heart three sisters went into ministry together.  Combining their love for and talents in music, art, foreign language and etiquette, Umaña Academy opened its doors in September 2005.


Inspired by their desire to create a Christ-centered, loving and nurturing school for their own children, the Umaña sisters were determined to create an environment where every child would be loved, accepted and celebrated for who they are.  After ten years, all three sisters actively serve at the Academy, dedicating themselves to making sure their vision of a Christian Academic & Fine Art education continues for each new group of children.


Stephanie Umaña Russell, mother of five boys is the Director; Carolina Umaña Muratalla, mother of two, is a preschool and fine art teacher, loved and embraced by every student who meets her; and Maureen Umaña Boatman, mother of two, is the Administrative Director.  The sisters' older children remain involved in the school volunteering their time to help every summer. Both parents are still involved and continue to offer support and guidance.


Umaña Academy is a place where children are cared for, respected, and given incredible opportunities to learn, to grow and to develop into who the Lord has created them to be. All our own children have gone through the program and it has been their home away from home.  We want your children to feel the same while they are here.


We are thankful for the ministry the Lord has given us as we continue to serve our community in providing Christian Academic & Fine Art Education.


 -The Umaña Family





We believe in children! We believe in their ability to thrive in a loving and nurturing environment. Given these conditions they will develop a freedom to create and an unquenchable thirst to learn. We also believe that in order to achieve a perfectly rounded education each child must be nurtured in the arts. At Umaña Academy we have combined these two beliefs to create a unique, academically progressive curriculum with a fine art emphasis at its core. Knowing that their education would not be complete without the Word of God, children are given every opportunity to learn about God, their Creator.




The goal of Umaña Academy is to develop in your child a love for learning and to foster their never-ending curiosity. We have carefully planned our curriculum to stimulate in your child the extraordinary. We believe that God made every child unique with different talents and abilities. Understanding that every child learns at their own pace, we encourage your child to reach their full potential by continually encouraging them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.




CHRISTIAN FOCUS: The Bible says, “Train up a child day and night and when he is old, he will not depart from it.†At Umaña Academy we feel that feeding children the Word of God at an early age is an essential part of their spiritual growth. Knowing and sensing God in their lives does not have to come later in life, but God can reveal His presence to them through worship, Bible story time and through Christian leadership & mentorship.



FINE ART EMPHASIS: We feel that each child has different God-given talents and abilities. By exposing them to the fine arts, our purpose is to discover and cultivate these talents. Umaña Academy emphasizes Foreign Language, Music, Art & Social Skills.



SMALL CLASS SIZES: To promote individualized attention we have chosen to maintain a maximum class size of 15 students in core academic classes. We are determined to ensure each child is growing academically, emotionally, socially & spiritually in a small group environment.



STRONG ACADEMICS: We believe that children are bright natural learners who desire to know about the world around them. Our desire is to foster an environment where each child is encouraged, motivated and challenged to excel and reach their potential.





Umaña Academy is a ministry and as such, relies on the partnership of individuals who have been blessed by or feel a call to support this ministry. We ask that families prayerfully consider partnering with us first in prayer, and secondly, through various options detailed below. There are many ways you can partner with us:


    • Weekly Volunteers: Receptionist, lunch & recess monitors, Pizza lunch coordinators, set-up/tear-down for chapels, social media, photographers, community representatives, as well as handyman & housekeeping help.


    • Co-Op Program: Partner with us in the classroom or at home. Choose your area of service based on your interests and strengths.


    • Business Expertise: Do you have a special talent or own a business that can bless us? Please let us know!


  • Donations: We rely on tax free donations made payable to our foundation: Christian Fine Art Foundation. We ask that you remember us in your year-end contributions.



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