“When we were searching for a preschool program for our 3 year old daughter, we looked for a place that had a positive & loving environment, a place where she could develop, learn and grow in self-confidence. We found this all at Umaña Academy. My daughter loves her preschool, adores her teacher and we enjoy the family atmosphere.”


-Tamashiro Family, Ladera Ranch, CA





“As parents of two young children ages 3 & 4, Umaña Academy has been an excellent choice for us. First and foremost was the importance of God as the backbone of their early education. Both our kids love their teachers and the smaller classes provide great individual attention for them. Also, the social advancement has been excellent for their personal growth. The staff is wonderful and overall we are grateful for Umaña Academy.”


-Rojas Family, Aliso Viejo, CA





“My son started Pre-Kinder at Umaña Academy last year. For the first time not only does he love going to school, but he looks forward to it. He loves his teachers and blows kisses to them when he is leaving the classroom. I enjoy having my son academically challenged, but equally enjoy the fine art program. We have truly been BLEESED and look forward to next year.”


- Zokai Family, Laguna Niguel, CA





“Three months into the program my son tells us that this school is made for him. Thank you Umaña for making a HUGE difference in his life. He loves his teachers & his classmates.”


- Ketel Family, San Juan Capistrano

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